Monday, July 16, 2012

my latest obsession:Cambridge Satchel Bag

As a girl who is use to buying stuff at thrift stores, I have become obsessed Cambridge Satchel Bag.  I want one so bad that me (who is cheap) is willing to shell out  the cash ($100-$165) on this bag. The bags come in an assortment of styles like the Cambridge Satchel Backpack, Batchel, Music Bag, The Fluoro and The Metallic, but I want the green bag because it will match with my Nixon Watch. And beside I do look good in Neon. Oh, I wish I was so lucky that I could walk in some  Goodwill  today and there would be one for five buck, but I'm not that lucky. If I was, I  be a lotto winner. So, I'm just going to have  to buck up be an adult, cut back on my drinking, save my pennies and buy myself this bag. I need it, I want it, and I won't be happy till till the bag is in my hot little hands.Hmm, I might have to hit up the parents (yes, I know I'm grown), but they are spending my future inheritance now, so they I  figure they could at least buy me this bag, right.

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