Monday, January 19, 2015

I love me some Sherry

 I know loads about booze, but sherry is one thing I know very little about other than the image of  50's housewives taking a nip here and there when no one is looking. Well, I can now just throw out that image, thanks to Sherry, A Modern Guide to the Wine World’s Best-Kept Secret by editor-in-chief of PUNCH,  Talia Baiocchi. 

This book  is just seven chapters, but it gives loads of useful information in those chapters. The first four are about sherry production, the styles of sherry, the evolution of sherry through the ages and the current Renaissance of the wines. The fifth chapter gives information about the towns of the area and the sherry producers. The last two chapters focus more of sherry recipes and food pairing with Chapter 6, focusing on sherry-based cocktails and features classic as well as modern creations by top bartenders. It's beautifully written and not dull as some cocktail books might be.

You can tell Biaocchi knows here stuff and put loads of work into researching this lovely book. I really love the cocktail recipes and food pairing and plan on getting me a few bottles of sherry so I can try some at home. Not only does this book give loads of in-depth insight about the world of sherry, it's beautifully produced by Ten Speed Press with it love cover and beautiful photos inside the book. After reading this book, you'll no doubt be interested in learning more about sherry as well as wanting  to make a quick trip over to Andalucia so you can experience the sherry world in person.