Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If I Every Win the Lotto...

I'm so buying this. For me, this is a dream come true.I'm not one for camping, but I would make an exception for this sweet thing It's a home, it's a bar.  It's a home with a bar with all the essentials you need in life-booze. It's everything that a girl like me could every hope for. Who wants some old stinking diamonds as I much rather have a  Woody (not what you dirty minded folks are thinking), a cocktail bar on wheels that designed by UK interior designer, Brad Ford.

 OK, I lied. I still want some diamonds, but if I had to make a choice, I would take both. My mama didn't raise no fool.  

So just what does Woody has to offer? Just about everything. Besides a well stocked bar which is always nice, there's a flat screen TV for your viewing pleasure, a lavish room with leather pillows  where you can ponder your day or just drink and think of nothing. As for glassware, you're not just just drinking in some old mason jars or coffee mugs like we all know we do at home.  No sir, nothing but the best will do and the best is Waterford Crystal.

I so want this, but it seems it been auction off to some happy bastard who more then likely sitting in my dream home sipping some cocktails that I should be having. Bastard.

*Le Sign*

Some people have all the luck. But if  I happen to come into some money either by legal or illegal means,  that camper is mine.

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