Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier x Diet Coke

Forget about the latest "It" bag as it's going to be the little silver cans that will surely to become the hottest accessories during fashion week as  French couturist Jean-Paul Gaultier has given the Diet Coke cans a make-over.

Diet Coke has unveiled exclusive ‘Night & Day’ cans designed by the French couturier as it's the first time in the beverage brand’s history that design collaboration has been translated onto its 330ml cans. The can features Gaultier’s iconic corset and cone bra design as well as his Breton blue-and-white stripes signature look. Finally, a beverage that I won't be ashamed to be seen drinking. It can even match my outfit  if I was going for the Goth or Nautical look. Tres Chic!! 

They are being sold in limited release till September and only available across Europe. BOO!!  I'm sure those fashionista descending upon fashion week will be hording these babies by the dozen to bring back home with them.  Someone needs to bring me one back. I need to start calling my friends in Europe and making a home  or it on my shelves next to my Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke Can because I guarantee these babies are going to collectibles and worth some money in a few years.  I so think the next collaboration should be with RuPaul  because  those cans would look fierce with a Drag Race look. Don't you agree?

Note to Self: must not drink or use as mixer in a drink. 

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