Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fashionable Treats Good Enough to Eat- Lanvin x Ladurée

Finally, there's something out there that the fashion crowd will just devour as designer Alber Elbaz has collaborated with the celebrated confectionery compay Ladurée to create a chic new  macaroons box.  Anyone who loves fashion and sweet things will  want to get their hands on this fashionable box adorned with sketched faces of playful women and fastened with a grosgrain ribbon that the Lanvin Svengali has created.

I know I do as I've always been a sucker for things like this. What can I say, I love pretty things. And I do adore macaroons. Besides I'm hoping this will start something new and  maybe people will stop havingcupcake at their parties as a snack. I mean, I love me some cupcakes, but I've seen it a million times. Bring on the macaroons.

And since this is a special box, the contents are just as unique. This stylish box will be full of eight pink bubble gum-flavored macaroons, a flavor that the designer created with Ladurée pastry chef Vincent Lemains. Hmm, I'm not too keen for this flavor. I mean, seriously, bubble gum is the best they could do. It could be  really good or  really bad. I just hoping it doesn't taste like Hubba Bubba. Yikes!!  Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

These tasty treats will go on sale on Sept. 25 in France, in time for Paris Fashion Week. The U.K, U.S and Japan will follow on Sept. 28. And when they say US, I betit's just New York as that city has all the good stuff.box

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