Saturday, September 10, 2011

Look, Ma I made the Paper... OK the Internet

Me and  Paper's J. Everette Perry Photo taken by N. Jayne Seward
Yay Me. I just found out I made  the news. OK, not really the news but my picture did make it into  the lovely N. Jayne Seward's  post  about Fashion Night Out  for  Apparel News. Wahoo!!!  I was wearing  my vintage blue dress I got from Jet Rag with a black belt, silver necklace that my friend Casey told me to wear( thanks), and my make-up was flawless. I had to admit that I looked good and so did others as I got many complements thought out the night. And all that attention to detail paid off.
The only thing I would do different next time is to put that jacket down and wear better shoes. Yes, I know they are ugly, but my feet were hurting and I choose comfort over style. Oh well we all make some fashion faux pas sometimes and those shoes were mine

Click on the link below to read all about the night.

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